Release Notes 2021

Table of Contents:

Note: You'll find an (info) (info) icon next to notable release items.

December 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.40.12

  1. (info) Bounce reasons are now available in the Ongage Contact Activity Report! You can view soft bounce, hard bounce (and complaint) reasons, by selecting the Bounce Reason output field when generating a Contact Activity Report. Bounce reasons provide marketers with in-depth deliverability analysis for troubleshooting and optimizing deliverability. The Contact Activity UI report includes the latest bounce reason, while the Export Combined Detailed CSV Report includes historical bounce reasons. Visit our online help for more about the Contact Activity report.

  2. (info) Users can now abort imports! With a new Action item Abort icon. When clicked, a confirmation pop-up appears displaying two options: Continue and Abort Import.
    Note: The Abort import is available when importing into a Sending list and/or Suppression List only (and not on the Contacts Manager → Change Status page). Visit our online help to learn more about Import.

  3. You can now launch our new Automatic IP & Domain Warmup directly from the Content→ Email Messages library screen. When selecting the schedule campaign Action item icon, you'll now get a 'Create Campaign' pop window with two options to choose from: Regular Campaign or IP Warmup. Visit our Campaign and Automatic IP & Domain Warmup for more about these features.

  4. We've added a new timezone option – Phoenix, Arizona, appearing both in the Account Timezone settings and Campaign scheduling screens. What's unique about Phoenix Arizona is that it's the only US state that does not have daylight savings (and thus there was a special need to add it). Visit the Campaigns help page, for more about 'Send by Timezone', and Account Setting for more about the account Timezone setting.

  5. A More than or equals to Time Frame option, has been added to the behavioral segment criteria (Sent, Opened, Clicked, SB, etc. ), for improved usability. For more about about Segments visit our online help documentation.

November 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.40.11

  1. (info) We're very happy to announce the release of our new Automatic IP & Domain Warmup now publicly available for all customers (after having been in a closed beta for the past few months).

  2. For Events and Triggers we have increased the send after date field limit from 3 digits (i.e., 999 days) up to 4 digit numbers (i.e., 9999 days). Visit our online documentation for more about Events and Triggers.
  3. URL parameters (aka 'link_query_params') are now available for links in SMS text messages, which till now was only for links in email messages. For more about URL parameters, visit our online List Settings documentation.

October 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.40.9

  1. For better usability and readability, in the main Segments and Events dashboards, we increase the name column display from 40 characters to 80 characters.
  2. In addition to the new Account Settings option for handling Apple Mail Proxy Open (launched in September 2021), we have added an additional filter to the Aggregate Report, to include or exclude Apple Proxy Opens in the Aggregate report stats. See our online documentation Apple Mail Privacy Protection for more about this topic.

September 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.40.5

  1. On Sep-15-2021, just ahead of the release of iOS 15, Ongage released new Account Settings that enable Ongage Admins the flexibility to choose to ignore opens coming from Apple's proxy servers. For more details about this new setting, see: Apple Mail Privacy Protection Settings in our Account Settings online help doc.

August 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.40.1

  1. In the ESP Vendor Connection Setup Screen, we have increased the custom header character limit to 250 characters (both key and value), previously it was 200 characters. For more about using Custom Headers, read our Online documentation here.

  2. MessageMedia: implemented a new UI options in the vendor setup screen to configure Unsubscribe and Help reply within the MessageMedia connection. See our online help to know more about MessageMedia.

July 2021

New Features

  1. For marketers who want to manage the bounce handling on their end in the case of the Ongage Private SMTP connector, they now have full control in setting the Return-path email and domain, exactly as they’d like, by using the Custom Header feature. See our online help doc Ongage Private SMTP Connector for more about this feature.

June 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.39.9

  1. A new Failed count has been added to the Campaign Snapshot report. The Failed count is the sum of Hard Bounces + Soft Bounces + Vendor Server Rejections. This failed count aligns with the same column you'll find in all our Analytic reports, and provides a way to know the number of vendor rejections as well (albeit quite rare). See our online Delivery Glossary for more about delivery terms and how they're implemented in Ongage.

May 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.39.8

  1. (info) Ongage now has Built-in Unsubscribe Integration for SMS Vendor Twilio, and you can manage and configure the SMS Text Unsubscribe Keywords, directly from the twilio vendor setup screen. See our online  help for more about the Twilio Setup .

  2. The Contact Manager Search and Contact Activity report page now displays a value in the "Last Import ID" column, about how a contact was last added/updated in the List, providing marketers with more info and transparency.  For example, info as to whether a contact was imported via API Contact Add, or added by manual 'Add Contact', or the Import ID of CSV Import. 

New Features / Changes in v4.39.7

  1. To the Tracking and Image Domains Page, we've added search filters to "Domain per ESP Connection" and "Domain per List" – making it easier to find domains, for those customers managing a large numbers of tracking and image domains.

  2. For image and tracking domain in the Campaigns Configuration >> Advanced Configuration, we've also added a search option to the dropdown menu of "Override Tracking/Image Domain", to make the selection of Tracking and Image Domain more user friendly, especially for customers managing large numbers of tracking and/or image domains.

April 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.39.4

  1. (info) We've added ESP Connection IDCampaign ID and Email Message ID as new Grouping Fields to the Custom Aggregate Report. Making one of Ongage's more powerful marketing insight reports even deeper and more versatile.
    1. The ESP Connection ID along with the Top Level Domain Grouping now offers a full long-tail Matrix report! See our online help section for more about Custom Aggregate Report.

New Features / Changes in v4.39.0

  1. (info) If you have applied a Quota in a Segment, it will now be displayed in the Segment dashboard page, providing for more clarity and transparency! See our online help for more about Segments.

  2. (info) In Automation Rules, under the "Delay Send" option of Transactional Actions, marketers can now define Days/Hours/Minutes using a drop-down selection. Making it much easier for marketers to to configure long delays instead of calculating multiples of minutes. See our online help for more about Automation Rules.

  3. When creating Campaigns via the API, you can now configure with the "Select segments by order until quota" option, using "keep_segment_sort" parameter in POST /api/mailings request. For more details on how to use "keep_segment_sort" parameter, please refer to the API Documentation for POST /api/mailings.
  4. It is now mandatory to indicated the 'From Date' and 'To Date' filters in the Contact Activity Report. The maximum range can be 6 months between the 'From Date' and 'To Date'.
  5. Improved Tracking and Image Domain Page for better user readability when configuring and managing Tracking and Image Domains.

March 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.38.6

  1. (info) For SMS Vendor Sinch, we've implemented a new UI (User Interface) in the Vendor Setup screen, to configure Unsubscribe Keywords and HELP replies. See our online help section for more about Sinch Setup.

February 2021

New Features / Changes in v4.37.0

  1. (info) We've added a new Duplicate action icon to our Automation Rules dashboard, enabling marketers to quickly duplicate Automation Rules, and configure new ones faster and more efficiently! See our online help for more about Automation Rules.

  2. (info) We're happy to announce support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 encoded emails for importing into an Ongage Suppression Lists. See our online help section for more about Lists and Suppression Lists.

  3. Added a new Category filter in the System Fields popup (in Email Message, SMS Message and Template Library), allowing marketers to more easily find and add relevant dynamic system field values to their messages, subject, and links.

  4. Now, you can receive notifications on campaigns that were completed with errors. Notifications will be sent to the Admin Creator's email address which is visible under the Profile page. See our online help section for more about Campaign Configurations.