Release Notes 2024

Table of Contents

January 2024

AI Analytics

We're thrilled to announce our first leap into AI, with our ChatGPT AI Analytics! Leverage the familiar AI chat interface to gain quick access to all your analytic reports and unearth hidden trends. This is an experimental first release, with continuous learning-based improvements expected to rollout throughout the year.


Improvements to our STO feature

Our Send Time Optimization (STO) feature has now been improved! In last year's release (see 2023 Release Notes), STO picked the best hour within 24 hours after launch to send to each contact, based on their individual likelihood of engaging. Now we’ve given the marketer more control, and enabled choosing a timeframe shorter than 24 hours.


Gmail 2024: New Email Header for Senders

Ahead of Gmail's updated Email sender guidelines, Ongage is now automatically adding the List-Unsubscribe-Post header in addition to the List-Unsubscribe header, which Ongage has always added to all outbound email messages, ensuring that all email messages sent from Ongage are fully compliant with Gmail’s new guidelines. For more details see our online List-Unsubscribe Header help section.