Release Notes 2020

Table of Contents:

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November 2020: v4.36.0

New Features / Changes in v4.36.0

  1. (info) Campaign throttling and timezone can now be used together. Till now marketers had to choose one or the other. Now marketers can apply throttling to their timezoned spread campaigns:

August 2020: v4.35.6

New Features / Changes in v4.35.6

  1. (info) Launched new Sinch plug-n-play SMS vendor integration, with built-in bounce and unsubscribe integration and processing. For more details see our online Sinch Setup Tutorial

July 2020: v4.34.0

New Features / Changes in v4.34.0

  1. (info) Ongage launched it's own SMTP Vendor named "Ongage SMTP". With this launch customers choosing to use this SMTP can enjoy a full one-stop-shop offer from Ongage. Like any other delivery vendor in the Ongage network, the Ongage SMTP can be used as a sole email delivery vendor, or together with other world-class cloud SMTP vendors that Ongage has built-in integrations to.

  2. (info) Production launch of Automation Rules with improved UI and UX.

March 2020: v4.32.0

New Features / Changes in v4.32.0

  1. (info) We're excited to announce the launch of Automation Rules (Beta): which will enable marketers to Send transactional emails, create real-time Webhooks, update your Ongage list, and design personalized marketing automations actions that run in real-time, based on your customer's actions.

January 2020: v4.31.0

New Features / Changes in v4.31.0

  1. (info) Added “Segment ID” as Grouped by Field, in the Custom Aggregate Report, which will enable marketers to perform analysis of opens, clicks, soft bounces, unsubscribes hard bounces, complaints, etc. on a per segment basis.