Release Notes 2022

Table of Contents:

October 2022

New Features / Changes in 5.1.16

We've added a new API method to duplicate a campaign: POST /api/mailings/<Campaign ID>duplicate. For more details see that method on our Campaign Mailing API Methods page.  

This method is used for duplicating Bulk campaigns. Please note that duplicating A/B Split or Test Campaign is not supported.

August 2022

New Features / Changes in 5.1.9

  1. Export contacts in MD5, SHA-256, or SHA-512 encrypted formatsThese formats have become industry standards in general, and for encrypting email addresses in particular. You can now export your contacts in one of these encrypted formats, without having to go to any third-party tool to do this extra step encryption. For more details about this feature and export in general – visit our Export online help page.

  2. Check the Suppression Lists Breakdown for the Suppressed contacts in a Campaign: Along with Suppressed contacts count, we now have implemented option to download the CSV with the Breakdown of Suppression Lists so that you can check which are the contacts which were suppressed and from which Suppression List Ids. For more details about this feature – visit our FAQ online help page.

  3. Faster import speeds for large imports files. In August Ongage launched in all Ongage accounts faster imports for large imports files. This improvement is primarily felt on imports of 1M contacts and larger. Ongage does this by taking large imports, and behind the scene splitting the import file into two parallel imports, taking advantage of computer parallel processing, and thus doubling import throughput, and cutting large import times in 1/2 and even better. Following are the benchmarks before and after this improvement. For more about imports in general see our Import online help.
Import SizeAvg. Time in Hrs BeforeAvg. Time in Hrs After
500K – 1M    1.611.33
1 – 5M


5M – 10M  10.135.82
10M – 20M12.25.73


New Features / Changes in 5.0.5

The Ongage team is excited to announce the launch of a new faceliftLet’s start with the most important thing – we’ve given the Ongage app a new look, but it’s not an entire makeover. This means there’s no need to re-learn how to use Ongage. It’s the same Ongage everyone knows, just sporting a new up-to-date, uncluttered and streamlined design.

January 2022

New Features / Changes in 4.40.15

To the suppression list export, we've now added an additional column showing the date on which the contact was added into the suppression list. This feature provides email marketers with more data and transparency as to when items were added to the suppression list. For more details about Suppression Lists and this feature, visit our List Manager page.