Ongage 3rd Party Suppression List Integration

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OPTIZMO is a web-based application, providing suppression list management, for email advertisers and mailers, enabling to securely manage  suppression lists across all collection and distribution channels, maintain Global CAN-SPAM compliance and safeguard brand integrity.

(info) NOTICE: December 2020: OPTIZMO is in the process of building an integration into Ongage which will be available for all joint customers with Ongage.

(info) NOTICE: as of early 2021 OPTIZMO has a built-in integration to Ongage.

This is a one-way automated integration from Optizmo to Ongage. The integration does not include pulling data back from Ongage into Optizmo in an automated way. 

For more about this, see Optizamo's Online Help: Ongage API Integration Feature Set and please reach out to on how to setup and use their integration with Ongage.