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  • SiteMath is an ad serving offering that enables email marketer to serve up ads directly into the body of the email messages they send from Ongage, when using this integration.
  • The service automatically selects and rotates the ads based on best performance.

  • The Ongage - SiteMath integration, enables marketers to simply enter a special URL invocation tag in the body of your HTML email, and when sent, it will pull a tailored ad for each targeted recipient in your campaign.

How to Setup and Use SiteMath in Ongage

  1. Open a support ticket, ask to setup SiteMath, and send us your SiteMath API key.
    1. When opening a ticket please indicate if you'd also like the subject and/or from name to be overwritten with the data that comes back from SiteMath.
  2. Wait for a confirmation from Ongage support, that we have connected your SiteMath account with your Ongage account. 
  3. See the following section for how to use this integration in your Ongage account.

The SiteMath Invocation Tag

Simply place the following invocation tag inside the body of your HTML email as illustrated below. We recommend entering it directly into the HTML code (and not copying and pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor):

Hi {{first_name}},

Here are today's hottest deals:


Best Regards,
  • We recommend using this tag in the Ongage wysiwyg editor rather than the BEEFree editor, though if you choose to use the latter make sure to use an HTML element rather than a text element for it.
  • The campaignVerticalIds param is optional and can be removed altogether so the URL will look as following: in which case ads from all verticals might be served up. 
  • If on the other hand you'd like to indicate specific set of vertical ids, you'll need to separate them with %2C which is the URL encoding for comma (","). 
    • So, for example, to indicate the following three verticals: 92, 94 and 102, you'll need to do the following: campaignVerticalIds=92%2C94%2C102

SiteMath Verticals

The following ad filter values can be used for the campaignVerticalIds param in order to limit the advertisements to a certain industry vertical:

91,Apparel and Jewelry
94,Business Supplies & Services
95,Computers and Electronics
96,Consumer Packaged Goods
104,Food and Beverage
105,Health and Pharma
106,Home & Garden
108,Internet Providers
111,Non Profits
116,Telecom Services
117,Toys & Video Games
150,Real Estate

(info) Note: additional verticals ids might get added from time to time in the future, so if there's a vertical you're looking for that is not indicated above, you can reach out to SiteMath.