Form Builder


The form builder provides a quick and easy way to create a web subscription (aka collection) form, that you can easily embed in your web page for collecting the email, and any accompanying data (e.g., first name, last name, etc.). Once implemented, the email address along with any other relevant list field data provided in form, will get added to the corresponding Ongage List without the need of implementing the Ongage API.

How to Create a Web-Form

In order to create a web contact collection form, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to List > Form Builder.

  2. Click on the New Form button.
  3. Write the form name and click on Save and Next.

  4. Select the list field you want to include in the form and click on Save.

  5. For the Thank You page, select either a customizable thank-you text, or a redirect URL, to go to a thank-you page, and click save.

  6. In the next screen you will see an iframe is generated.

  7. You can insert the same iframe in your webpage and the form will be displayed and is ready to use.