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  1. Go to List → Conversion Points  and click on "New Conversion Point"

    And fill in the following:

    1. If you'd like to also pass back a value and get sum of that value in the aggregate report – check the "Save sum of value in stats" option. 
      This is particularly useful to get a sum total of all purchases for a given campaign, figure out earnings per thousand emails, etc. 
    2. In addition you can save the values to a list field by clicking the "Save value to member list field" option.
  2. Copy the conversion pixel URL, from your Ongage account
  3. Place the conversion pixel on the post conversion page of your website
    1. For example: Let's say the conversion is "Registration", on the thank-you page following the registration form, place the pixel URL you got from the above dashboard
    2. See below details for how to implement the pixel on the post-conversion page
  4. When setting up a email campaign, in the Email editor add the following dynamic fields to the relevant links in your email, that sends the recipients to the landing page where they'll be converting:

    1. Dynamic field: {{email}}

    2. System field: {{ocx_mailing_id}}

    3. So the link will look something like this: http://my-landing-page/?email={{email}}&cid={{ocx_mailing_id}}
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How to implement the conversion pixel on the post conversion point page